Class Descriptions

Flow Yoga

These classes offered at Grace United Church & Euphoria Wellness Spa will include breathing techniques, flow movements, therapeutic movements designed to release chronic holding patterns in the body, and yin/restorative.

Yoga for Athletes (Team Classes Offered)

Liz has been the yoga instructor for the Peterborough Petes since 2012. She has enjoyed working with hockey, basketball and soccer players, runners, triathletes and golfers. These classes focus on increasing flexibility and building core strength to boost performance and reduce risk of injury. Liz designs single classes or a series of classes that suit the needs of a particular sport.

Yoga for Young Athletes

Liz also designs classes for younger athletes that are geared towards their specific needs.

Corporate Yoga

Yoga for Desk Jockeys! Corporate Yoga is a yoga program set up in the workplace, usually onsite. Corporate Yoga classes focus on postures that can be performed in one’s office or at one’s desk to counter the effects of repetitive movement and sedentary work. She can design postures to practice while in your chair that can release tension in the hands, wrists, shoulders, neck, lower back and hips.

Other techniques offered in this class include:

  • Improving seated posture to avoid slouching
  • Standing postures that can be practiced in individual work areas to get muscles and energy moving to avoid stagnation.
  • Yoga postures and breathing techniques to promote calm and combat stress.

Grace United Church & Euphoria Wellness Spa


BEGINNERLearn the basics of Flow Yoga
LEVEL 1For those who have practiced some yoga in the past and wish to continue their journey.
LEVEL 2An energetic, flowing class to increase cardiac conditioning and strength – provides an opportunity to discover more challenging postures.

Classes Include

PRANYAMALiz teaches various types of breath work to efficiently provide energy to fuel the body and relax the mind
PHYSICAL MOVEMENTSIncludes sun salutations, warm-ups to loosen and open the body and a series of standing, seated and inverted postures
POSTURESPostures are held for varying lengths – the entire body is exercised and energized – each posture has a different focus


  • Wear something comfortable to stretch in that won’t fall in your face if upside down
  • We practice barefoot
  • Blocks, straps, mats, blankets are provided (feel free to bring your own if you wish)
  • Please respect our scent free environment
  • To save time, feel free to print the New Student Form/Waiver and bring it with you to your first class

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